Help improve Boto’s documentation

There has been a good deal of progress made towards getting boto’sdocumentation up to snuff. We’ve been working on cleaning up what is there, and have even added some new content (like the new DynamoDB tutorial). However, there is much left to be done.

We would greatly appreciate some outside eyes on this. We’d love to see what you think we could do to improve the boto documentation. Please feel free to visit the boto issue tracker and fire away. If you mention @gtaylor in the body of your issue, I’ll be sure to get it, and can label and route it.

For the ambitious

If you’re feeling particularly motivated, we’d love to have your pull requests. The boto documentation is all in  reStructuredText, compiled by the excellent Sphinx. You can expect to be reasonably productive with about 30 minutes of peeking at the Sphinx documentation and looking at what we have.

In particular, we need tutorials covering some of the modules we lack tutorials for. If you know any of these modules pretty well, please consider throwing something our way.