Boto and AWS, sitting in a tree

On a post in the Amazon Web Services blog yesterday, AWS hasannounced that it has brought Mitch Garnaat (maintainer of the excellent Boto) on board:

[…] Building on this model, Mitch Garnaat has also joined the team. Mitch has been a member of the AWS community for over 6 years and has made over 2,000 posts to the AWS Developer Forums. He is also the author of boto, the most popular third-party library for accessing AWS, and of the Python and AWS Cookbook.

Great news, but what are they going to do with Mitch, and what will his involvement with Boto be?

Boto will continue to exist as an open source project and we will be making official contributions to it.

They go on to list a few related job openings, one of which is a Python engineer (AWS Developer Resources). This looks, to me, like a great “official” endorsement of Boto and Python. As someone who uses Boto (and Python) extensively for work and play, this looks exciting.

A big congratulations goes out to Mitch, for nabbing a great job, and for being able to work on Boto within Amazon directly.