Recordings + Slides from "Kubernetes at Reddit: An Origin Story" at KubeCon NA 2018

We were fortunate enough to be able to present some of what’s going on with Reddit’s Kubernetes adoption at KubeCon NA this year. Subject matter covered includes:

  • The motivations behind adopting Kubernetes.

  • The vision behind the things we are building on top of Kubernetes.

  • Some of the challenges we’ve faced in our journey.

  • How we’re using what we’ve built (and are building) to change how we develop, deploy, and operate software at Reddit.

If you are curious, see the recordings and/or the slides.

Recordings + Slides from OSCON 2018

I had the opportunity to present at OSCON 2018 this year. My session was Herding cat pictures: How to develop, deploy, and operate services at Reddit scale. I talked through our rapid growth as an engineering org, some of the growing pains that resulted, and how we shifted our Infrastructure team from operations to enablement.

  • If you'd like to hear my bumbling, check out the recording.
  • I've also posted the slides.