Fabric task for notifying New Relic of a code deploy

We’ve been doing some playing around with New Relic lately at Pathwright.One of the neat things it does is track when code deploys happen, and how they affect responsiveness and resource consumption.

In order to notify New Relic when a deploy happens, you simply POST to their web-based API with the information you’d like to include (change logs, commit hashes, etc).

We currently do this via a Fabric task, which I figured I’d share. We tend to run this from our deploy task. Enjoy!

import socket
import requests
from fabric.api import run, cd

def notify_newrelic_of_deploy(old_commit_hash):
    New Relic tracks deploy events. Send a notification via their HTTP API.

    :param str old_commit_hash: The previously deployed git hash. This is
        easily retrieved on a remote machine by running 'git rev-parse HEAD'.

    with cd(env.REMOTE_CODEBASE_PATH):
        new_commit_hash = run('git rev-parse HEAD')
        changes = run('git --no-pager log %s..HEAD' % old_commit_hash)

    headers = {
        # Adjust this to reflect your API key.
        'x-api-key': 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
    payload = {
        'deployment[app_name]': 'Your App Name',
        # This is also very important to update with your own value.
        'application_id': '1234567',
        'deployment[description]': 'Fabric deploy is fun deploy',
        'deployment[revision]': new_commit_hash,
        'deployment[changelog]': changes,
        'deployment[user]': '%s@%s' % (LOCAL_USERNAME, socket.gethostname()),

                  data=payload, headers=headers)