python-bluefin 1.3 released

python-bluefin 1.3 has been released, now with improved errorhandling. The major feature in this release is that we have smoothed over some inconsistencies in Bluefin’s error handling.

Instead of setting an HTTP status code indicating an error like they do for most of the Bluefin API errors, we get an HTTP 200 back, and a rarely used attribute in the response contains an error flag, with another rarely used attribute containing a cryptic error message. Since you need to handle invalid credit card numbers and authorization failures gracefully, we now return a different exception (that still inherits from what was previously returned). We also provide a more friendly error message for the authorization-related errors, that are not user-friendly, or human-friendly.

Of course, you can still access the original exception message through Exception.raw_message. See the changelog for full details.

This release is backwards compatible, it’ll just give you better granularity in your error handling.

Get it from the PyPi page, or by installing ‘bluefin’ from pip/easy_install.