Evennia MUD server grows a proxy

I’ve obviously been on a bit of a proxied MUD server tangent of late(see here and here). I typically haunt #evennia on FreeNode, and brought the point up to the current maintainer, Griatch, a few weeks ago. As is typical for Griatch when he finds something he likes, he cranked out his take on an AMP-based proxy (the Evennia term is “portal”) very quickly, and announced the specifics a few days ago.

The biggest benefit in the case of Evennia is that the old, complicated code reloading system is now completely gone. This is a big win in simplicity and avoiding nasty edge cases where reloading doesn’t work as expected.

For those that haven’t heard of Evennia, it’s a Python + Twisted + Django MUD server that gives you a solid foundation to immediately start adding your game-specific stuff to. The documentation (particularly the developer section) is outstanding, and is amongst the very top tier of MUD servers. If you are even partially curious, consider joining the Google Group or lurking in #evennia on FreeNode. There are lots of interesting discussions on both from people of varying levels of involvement.