Evennia MUD Server IRC Channel

To improve collaboration, the Evennia MUD Server project now has an IRCchannel on Freenode, #evennia. We have taken it a step further and linked this up with our test game, so those messing around in-game can still talk/listen on the IMCEvennia channel (which is also replicated to the MudBytes Inter-MUD network).

Evennia is a Python+Twisted+Django-based MUD server. For those that who have no idea what this is, it’s a base for a persistent, text-based MMO. As far as I know, Evennia is the first MUD built on top of Django, and we’d love to see more community members stop by to help. Feel free to pop in IRC, join the IMCEvennia channel if you’re on the MudBytes IMC2 network, or join the Google Group at http://evennia.com.