EVE Online on Snow Leopard

After a few hours of play, it seems like EVE on Snow Leopard brings anoticeable improvement on several fronts. First and foremost, there is a definite increase in framerate and performance with multiple clients open. I can not quantify this scientifically (or am too lazy to do so).

One of the other things that I’m really hyped about is that this brand new Macbook Pro runs a lot cooler with two EVE clients opened with a dual-head setup. I have always had to run SMCFancontrol to maintain a reasonable CPU temp, and still have to do so. However, instead of getting up over 70C and having the aluminum case heat up above and below the GPU/CPU, it now runs below 60C and stays reasonable cool on the outside. Big win here if not just for peace of mind.

I did see one crash while running two clients, but this can be expected periodically. I’m not sure if it’s Snow Leopard related or just EVE funkage. All in all, EVE runs just fine on Snow Leopard.