Browser Games with Django (English)

Just looking through and Googling around, I’mabsolutely puzzled by the lack of Django-based browser games. It is such an idea platform for developing these, yet there are only a few that are actually open to the public (some of which aren’t in English, and are thus inaccessible to me). There seem to be a few games out there in French, Chinese, and some other things I don’t really recognize, though.

Here are a few games in English I’ve been able to round up:

I’m particularly interested in anything open-source, as I’d love to contribute from time to time, but I’d love to hear of any playable games that I have missed, or any open-source games in development. As far as close-sourced games in development, they’re not of much interest to me if they’re at least not open for testing. Without access to the source or a reachable site, it’s as good as vaporware (and many of them never see completion).

So speak up, let me know if there’s something that I’ve completely missed!