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Django is able to run on a number of different web servers, databases,and operating systems. This flexibility lends itself to a lot of diversity within the community, but what kind of combinations are the most common?

The developers seem to suggest that Apache2 + mod_python + Postgresql seem to be the recommended setup, but undoubtedly there are lots of others. I’ve heard mentions of lighttpd, FastCGI, nginx running on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix/BSD, and others. There is even a useful page on the Django wiki with some of the arrangements along with instructions for each.

So I pose the question to you, what do you run on? What operating system, server, and database? If you’re feeling really ambitious, I’d be interested in hearing how your setup has worked for you.

As for this site, it’s hosted on Debian running Apache 2, mod_python, SQLite. For a simple, low traffic site like this, it has worked quite well.