Color Error Threshold Calculator

This utility assists in approximating a reasonable Delta E (CIE 2000) threshold for any given Lab or LCH value. Simply choose a colorspace via the dropdown, and a step interval (the lower the more granular, but time-consuming). The application will then walk through modifying the color's L, C, and H values positively and negatively in increments of the step interval until you feel that the color quality has reached an unacceptable point (prompting a Rejection).

For the curious, you may view the article I wrote detailing the development of the calculator. This includes some of the math used, as well as details on potential uses and limitations.

Disclaimer: This utility attempts to determine a rough approximation of suitable color thresholds. The results are dependent on many factors such as the user's color sensitivity, monitor calibration, and mathematical limitations. As is such, the suggestions provided by this tool should not be used in critical applications.


  1. Select the desired color space (Lab or LCH).
  2. Select the desired step interval. This will determine how far the Lab and LCH components are tweaked individually per step. Low to mid range intervals are typically ideal.
  3. Enter an Lab or LCH value in the text boxes to the left.
  4. Hit the 'Begin or Restart' button.
  5. Compare the two color blocks. Approve or Reject the deviant based on whether you think its color is tolerably close to that of the Original.

Colorspace: Step Interval:
Original Deviant
Current Variable: None
Steps: 0
Max Delta E: Pending