Python and AWS Cookbook (Ebook) 50% off!

Mitch Garnaat’s excellent Python and AWS Cookbook is now 50% off($6.49) in Ebook format (ePub, Mobi, PDF). The book features some great recipes, straight from the maintainer of boto.

While the book isn’t unfriendly to those looking at boto for the first time, it really shines for those who have done some tinkering with boto in the past. Mitch gets right to the point, providing ample explanations for each recipe. The EC2 sections were particularly useful for me. We use boto heavily at DUO, but I managed to learn some great new tricks with instance management by reading through the examples.

For about $7, this is a great read, and a great way to show appreciation for an excellent project.

Addendum:There is no monetary motivation for my cheerleading; I thought I’d share this with others (the special is easy to miss).