Urban development in Minecraft

Friday, July 22 2011

I recently stumbled across an article on Hacker News about how our urbanisation tendencies translate really well to the world of Minecraft. Urbanisation in Minecraft details the experience of one of four founding members of a Minecraft server as it sees explosive growth, eventually developing sprawl and resource shortages in centers of population.

While this can’t be taken too scientifically (that’s not really the point), it is a very interesting read. Check the article out on Crafthub.

Fixing key sticking on Minecraft (Linux)

Sunday, May 08 2011

I finally got fed up enough with my directional keys sticking on Minecraft (Linux version) to dig up a fix. I’ll post this here just in case someone else ends up afflicted. There’s a post on the Minecraft forums that I can vouch for, having done it myself ...

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