EMDR Relay 1.1 Released

Monday, January 12 2015

EVE Market Data Relay (EMDR) has been chugging along behind the scenes in the EVE Online developer community, quietly delivering large volumes of player-supplied market data. But the winds of change are arriving, as CCP has released a set of HTTP APIs for obtaining much of the data directly. EMDR will continue to function for those who don’t want to poll on their own.

The first step in putting a fresh coat of paint on EMDR is to freshen up the relays. We have done just that, updating and modernizing a few things.

Some hilights of the 1.1 release:

  • I have built a Docker image that is now the officially endorsed way to set up and run an EMDR relay.
  • We’ve upgraded (and now require) ZeroMQ 4.x. If you use the Docker image, you don’t need to worry about this.
  • We now auto-restart the process every 12 hours. This works around some ZeroMQ edge cases where connections aren’t restored correctly. Most of our relay operators are already doing this, but now we all will, just in case.

See our Docker Hub repo for full setup instructions. Current relay operators are encouraged to upgrade, though nothing will break if you don’t.

MUD tech is fun/cool, but…

Tuesday, January 08 2013

As software development evolves, there are an ever-expanding number of ways to put together very complex, elaborate systems that are fun to geek out on. Multi-processing is becoming increasingly prevalent, distributed systems are a boon to cases with massive scalability or reliability requirements, and there are all kinds of neat ...

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EVE Unified Uploader (market data) open sourced

Sunday, March 11 2012

The author of the EVE Marketeer Uploader has decided to open source the project, which is great news for the EVE community. It appears to have a large amount of traction, this move will guarantee its survival into the future, and allow other people to contribute to the project.

The ...

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More efficient market web APIs for EVE Online

Sunday, March 11 2012

There are a handful of market data sites (EVE-Central, Eve Marketeers, Eve Marketdata) out there now, each with their own developer APIs. All but EVE-Central are relatively new sites, and most seem to suffer from the occasional, or permanent, sluggishness. It doesn’t appear to be for lack ...

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Magnificant MUDdy Musings

Friday, February 24 2012

The Evennia MUD Server has been progressing through beta at a good clip, with much effort spent on fine-tuning existing features, and expanding on the already excellent pile of documentation. Much to my delight, the current maintainer, Griatch, has started to blog about Evennia development. If you are at least ...

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EVE Online grows up fast with Crucible

Wednesday, November 30 2011

I’ve been playing EVE Online since the summer of 2008, and have kept a close eye on the state of things from time to time. CCP releases a free "expansion" every six months with lots of goodies in them. The latest, Crucible, is the first that I can remember ...

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Urban development in Minecraft

Friday, July 22 2011

I recently stumbled across an article on Hacker News about how our urbanisation tendencies translate really well to the world of Minecraft. Urbanisation in Minecraft details the experience of one of four founding members of a Minecraft server as it sees explosive growth, eventually developing sprawl and resource shortages in ...

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Back to basics (again)

Wednesday, July 13 2011

It’s definitely different starting all over again with writing a new MUD codebase. My first attempt was Evennia, which  has evolved significantly since I handed it over. It is/was meant to be more general-purpose, and appeal to MUX/MUSH/MOO refugees who are tired of softcode (MUX/MUSH ...

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Unable to shake the habit

Monday, July 11 2011

Some of the first multiplayer games I played were text-based MUDs. Their accessibility, the imagination required, and the variety of places to spend time was great. Myself and a close friend had a few favorite places to haunt online, and had a blast exploring other people’s worlds.

We stumbled ...

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Fixing key sticking on Minecraft (Linux)

Sunday, May 08 2011

I finally got fed up enough with my directional keys sticking on Minecraft (Linux version) to dig up a fix. I’ll post this here just in case someone else ends up afflicted. There’s a post on the Minecraft forums that I can vouch for, having done it myself ...

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