Magnificant MUDdy Musings

Friday, February 24 2012

The Evennia MUD Server has been progressing through beta at a good clip, with much effort spent on fine-tuning existing features, and expanding on the already excellent pile of documentation. Much to my delight, the current maintainer, Griatch, has started to blog about Evennia development. If you are at least somewhat interested in keeping an eye on a Python+Twisted+Django MUD server, consider taking a peek at Griatch’s Evennia Musings.

While the blog details Evennia development, there is a lot of valuable general-purpose stuff as well. Especially for those writing, or considering writing, a MUD server using some or all of the same building blocks.

For those who would like to harass the man (or the other users/developers) in person, stop by #evennia on FreeNode.

New IMC and IRC extensions for Evennia MUD server

Tuesday, April 19 2011

Evennia, the Twisted+Django MUD server, has just finished bringing in shiny new support for IRC and IMC (Inter-mud communication) as of revision 1456. This allows users to bind a local game channel to a remote IRC or IMC room. Evennia transparently sends/receives messages between the game server and ...

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Evennia gets Southy

Monday, March 21 2011

The Django-based Evennia MUD Server took another great step forward today in adding support for the excellent South migration app. This should knock down another barrier for those considering beginning development on their own games. The kinds of schema changes from this point forward should be fully covered by the ...

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Evennia MUD Server IRC Channel

Thursday, October 08 2009

To improve collaboration, the Evennia MUD Server project now has an IRC channel on Freenode, #evennia. We have taken it a step further and linked this up with our test game, so those messing around in-game can still talk/listen on the IMCEvennia channel (which is also replicated to the ...

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