Evennia MUD server gets BSD’d

Friday, November 02 2012

As of a few days ago, the Evennia MUD server has been re-licensed under the BSD License. We feel like this will knock down another barrier for those considering running a game with Evennia. I can’t recommend this codebase enough for anyone who may have caught the MUD development itch (hey, they still exist!). Griatch has been doing an awesome job making improvements and building a community.

Evennia is an advanced Python+Django MUD server, with all sorts of goodies (like a web-based client). While the project has been going on for a number of years, the community has been growing a bit faster over the last year or two. We hope this will help continue that trend.

Feel free to stop by #evennia on FreeNode IRC to lurk, hang out, or ask questions.

seacucumber 1.5 released

Monday, July 16 2012

seacucumber 1.5 was released, and is a pretty important (albeit minor) update to correct our unicode handling. The minimum boto version was raised to 2.3, so we can make use of the more specific SES exceptions seen in later releases.

Grab it from PyPi or pip/easy_install away.

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django-dynamodb-sessions 0.5 released

Tuesday, May 01 2012

I have released django-dynamodb-sessions 0.5 today, addressing an issue with session keys. All users of previous versions are encouraged to upgrade. Thanks goes to Adam Nelson for pointing this out.

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django-dynamodb-sessions 0.4 released

Thursday, April 26 2012

django-dynamodb-sessions 0.4 has been released. The only change made is to add Django 1.4 compatibility, courtesy of Adam Nelson. See the PyPi page for more details, and of course, follow the project on GitHub!

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Pathwright launches, powered by Snakes and Jazz

Tuesday, April 03 2012

After over two years of development, Pathwright has emerged from beta, and is open to the masses. For those with knowledge to share, we hope this web application will give you an easy-to-use, easy-on-the-eyes way to teach others. We provide a structured, social way for your students to learn.

See ...

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Magnificant MUDdy Musings

Friday, February 24 2012

The Evennia MUD Server has been progressing through beta at a good clip, with much effort spent on fine-tuning existing features, and expanding on the already excellent pile of documentation. Much to my delight, the current maintainer, Griatch, has started to blog about Evennia development. If you are at least ...

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django-dynamodb-sessions is ready!

Wednesday, February 15 2012

After much tweaking, hand-wringing, and thumping around on staging, django-dynamodb-sessions is ready. The package provides a super-high-scalability session store for those hosting on Amazon’s EC2.

This may be useful to you if…

You’re wanting to trim your DB size, or reduce the read/write thrashing that happens with ...

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Read the Docs: A huge thanks!

Thursday, September 15 2011

When a free service or module proves to be invaluable to your project(s), it’s only right to thank the authors for their excellent work. I thought I’d take a brief moment to thank all of the contributors behind Read the Docs for this simple but wonderful site ...

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Evennia MUD server grows a proxy

Tuesday, September 06 2011

I’ve obviously been on a bit of a proxied MUD server tangent of late (see here and here). I typically haunt #evennia on FreeNode, and brought the point up to the current maintainer, Griatch, a few weeks ago. As is typical for Griatch when he finds something he likes ...

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Tip: Pointing pylibmc at a unix domain socket

Tuesday, August 16 2011

This is a quick tip that will hopefully save someone else a few minutes at least. If you’re using Django 1.3, using pylibmc and want to point at a local unix domain socket for memcached, this is what your CACHES setting will look like:

        'default': {
                'BACKEND': 'django ...
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