python-colormath 2.0 released!

Saturday, May 03 2014

python-colormath was started back in 2008, when I was an undergraduate at Clemson University (Go Tigers!). While there are a good number of people out there making use of the module effectively, there were a lot of things I wanted to do differently in an eventual 2.0 release. There were some usability issues that arose from my being relatively new to Python at the time.

But all has been made well now. I am happy to announce the immediate release of python-colormath 2.0! A few hilights:

  • Better documentation
  • Python 3.3+ support added. Python 2.6 and lower no longer supported.
  • A complete re-working of RGB and RGB conversions. I’m biased, but I think we’ve now got more correct RGB handling than the vast majority of color math libraries out there, regardless of language.
  • While the color space conversion math remains largely untouched, there is now a dedicated color_conversions submodule that is devoted to the cause. I think this is a good clarity/usability win.
  • Our unit test suite saw a lot of improvement. They are now easier to write, more complete, and more helpful when failures occur.
  • Numpy matrix-driven Delta E functions were incorporated for a nice speed win. In addition to the standard Delta E calls, you can use a vectorized equivalent that is much faster.

See the 2.0 release notes for a more detailed look at the differences.

NOTE: There are backwards incompatible changes in this release. In order to set things right, there were quite a few breakages, but I’ve done the best I can to document these.


The easiest way to get python-colormath is through pip/easy_install:

pip install colormath


If you get stuck, create an issue in the issue tracker and we can figure it out.

python-colormath 1.0.6 Released

Tuesday, March 23 2010

Thanks to liushie, a math domain error was caught in the CIE1994 and CMC color difference methods. This only manifested itself for certain CIELab values, and went unnoticed as a result of this. The problems have been corrected and released as 1.0.6.

Please see the project page for ...

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Lack of an open X-Rite i1 (Eye-One) SDK

Friday, July 25 2008

After doing a lot of work with the X-Rite (formerly Gretagmacbeth) i1 (Eye-One) Pro SDK, I’ve started running into strange little quirks with their close-sourced libraries. The documentation is decent, but severely lacking in crucial areas such as code examples. Several of the functions are vaguely defined with no ...

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Color Error Threshold Calculator (pt. 2)

Wednesday, March 05 2008

As promised, I’ve got an update about the Color Error Threshold Calculator. The utility is now in good enough shape to be posted along with the article about it that I recently finished for our TAGA chapter at Clemson.

For those that have no earthly idea what this is ...

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Bruce Lindbloom and Color

Thursday, February 07 2008

Color Science is a complex topic that can be hard to find documentation for without purchasing books. For those on a budget, Wikipedia and Google can turn up some useful information, but there are often glaring omissions, inaccuracies, or questions left un-answered.

Luckily, Bruce Lindbloom has compiled an excellent website ...

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Color Error Threshold Calculator

Sunday, February 03 2008

In preparation for inclusion in a Clemson GC project, I’ve brought my Color Error Threshold Calculator over to the new site. This, like my site, will be made available under the GPL once I have a chance to clean it up a little bit. More on this later, but ...

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