Tamarin 1.1 released

Thursday, May 05 2011

Tamarin 1.1 was released to account for the fact that there are rare cases where a user’s client doesn’t identify itself at all. I had accounted for one form of this, but failed to handle another. You’ll want to update to prevent ParseException exceptions from being ...

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Amazon IAM out of beta

Wednesday, May 04 2011

I missed this yesterday, but Amazon Web Services has just now announced the general availability (leaving beta) of they Identity Access Management service. One of the cool things about this is that there is now a tab for IAM in the web-based management console. This means that you now have ...

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Minecraft, Python, and nerdery

Monday, May 02 2011

A little over a month ago, I was finally pulled into the rapidly growing thing that is Minecraft. Like many of you, I ended up happily breaking blocks and constructing crude huts and castles into the wee hours of the night.

As is the case with many other things I ...

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S3 access log parsing/storage with Tamarin

Friday, April 29 2011

We have been helping one of our clients moves their massive collection of audio and video media to S3 over the last few weeks. After most of the files were in place, we saw that our usage reports on for one of the buckets was reporting much higher usage than ...

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Amazon Simple Email Service: Not quite there

Wednesday, April 20 2011

We’ve been working on transitioning a larger customer’s website from an Exchange-based email server to Amazon Simple Email Service, in an effort to improve reliability and eliminate one more bit of reliance on internal infrastructure. I’ll share our experiences here for others considering the same thing.

The ...

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New IMC and IRC extensions for Evennia MUD server

Tuesday, April 19 2011

Evennia, the Twisted+Django MUD server, has just finished bringing in shiny new support for IRC and IMC (Inter-mud communication) as of revision 1456. This allows users to bind a local game channel to a remote IRC or IMC room. Evennia transparently sends/receives messages between the game server and ...

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django-ses + celery = Sea Cucumber

Friday, April 15 2011

Maintaining, monitoring, and keeping a mail server in good standing can be pretty time-consuming. Having to worry about things like PTR records and being blacklisted from a false-positive stinks pretty bad. We also didn’t want to have to run and manage yet another machine. Fortunately, the recently released Amazon ...

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Amazon AWS S3 and Setting Response Headers

Wednesday, April 13 2011

One of the previously annoying limitations of Amazon S3 was that you could not specify things like Content-Disposition on a per-request basis. If we use an MP3 as an example, if you uploaded it without a Content-Disposition header set, viewing it in a browser via the S3 URL would likely ...

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How do YOU deploy Django?

Monday, March 28 2011

There are a good number of choices for deploying Django projects, whether they be Fabric, Chef, Puppet, Paver, or something else. However, each may be more suitable for some types of deployments than others. For example, Fabric’s lack of parallel execution may leave you frustrated if you have many ...

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Amazon EC2 and long restart delays

Wednesday, March 23 2011

For the benefit of others either considering Amazon’s EC2, or who are already there, I thought I’d point something out. I am not sure if this is an Ubuntu EC2 AMI issue, an EC2 issue, an EBS issue, or some combination of all of these, but we are ...

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