GoLang gets it App Engine on

Thursday, July 21 2011

Today, Google anounced the general availability of its Go programming language on App Engine. It will be interesting to see how this pans out, but this very well may be the kind of endorsement needed to catapult the language out into the semi-mainstream. While still young, this language is looking ...

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Exocet makes code reloading easy

Wednesday, July 20 2011

One of the big philosophical "pillars" I’ve been building my tinker Python MUD on is that cold restarts (restart the process, clients are disconnected) should be exceedingly rare. Code re-loading in Python can be challenging, but Allen Short has nailed it with his Exocet module.

The coolest part for ...

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Of Markdown, REST, and others

Tuesday, July 19 2011

As I’m working on my side project (You should probably watch it on GitHub to stroke my ego), I’ve been toying with how I’ll eventually handle colors and web content. I’m almost fully set against using MUX/MUSH color codes, as those don’t do the ...

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Rabbits for the celery

Monday, July 18 2011

I run an Arch Linux desktop as my primary development workstation. We use celery pretty heavily on some of our Django projects, and I was working to get my local environment at least somewhat closer to our production setup, only to find there isn’t a non-AUR package for ...

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Back to basics (again)

Wednesday, July 13 2011

It’s definitely different starting all over again with writing a new MUD codebase. My first attempt was Evennia, which  has evolved significantly since I handed it over. It is/was meant to be more general-purpose, and appeal to MUX/MUSH/MOO refugees who are tired of softcode (MUX/MUSH ...

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Unable to shake the habit

Monday, July 11 2011

Some of the first multiplayer games I played were text-based MUDs. Their accessibility, the imagination required, and the variety of places to spend time was great. Myself and a close friend had a few favorite places to haunt online, and had a blast exploring other people’s worlds.

We stumbled ...

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AWS Lowers Prices

Thursday, June 30 2011

Amazon just announced that it is lowering prices again for data transfers, and CloudFront. They have eliminated all inbound bandwidth fees, which is awesome for those of us wishing to upload large things. See the full details on their announcement.

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AWS Adds ELB Security

Wednesday, May 25 2011

As of May 24, Amazon Web Services added the ability to add Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) to security group rules. This will allow you to get more specific with services that are load balanced in your security groups, instead of having to add a rule accepting inbound traffic from everyone ...

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A word of warning about 1and1.com

Monday, May 23 2011

After dealing with them while working on a client’s website, I can’t, in good conscience, ever recommend 1and1.com as a domain registrar or DNS host. Creating, updating, and re-naming CNAMEs and A entries take an extremely long time, with some users complaining of times over 72 hours ...

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Fixing key sticking on Minecraft (Linux)

Sunday, May 08 2011

I finally got fed up enough with my directional keys sticking on Minecraft (Linux version) to dig up a fix. I’ll post this here just in case someone else ends up afflicted. There’s a post on the Minecraft forums that I can vouch for, having done it myself ...

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