boto 2.2.2 has arrived

Wednesday, February 15 2012

boto 2.2.2 was released this morning, comprised mostly of bug fixes. Of particular interest is the DynamoDB stabilization that has happened over the last few weeks, although a number of other minor bugs were fixed with the other services. For anyone currently running on older versions, we highly ...

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django-dynamodb-sessions is ready!

Wednesday, February 15 2012

After much tweaking, hand-wringing, and thumping around on staging, django-dynamodb-sessions is ready. The package provides a super-high-scalability session store for those hosting on Amazon’s EC2.

This may be useful to you if…

You’re wanting to trim your DB size, or reduce the read/write thrashing that happens with ...

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PyATL Jam session this Tuesday

Sunday, February 05 2012

PyATL is having a Jam Session this Tuesday at 7PM, for those in the area and interested. In addition to a presentations for getting started with a few web frameworks (Django, Bottle), there will be some hackage on various projects. I’ll be there, looking to help people with, or ...

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boto 2.2.0 has landed, bringing DynamoDB goodness

Wednesday, February 01 2012

To top January up, boto 2.2.0 has been released, bringing in, amongst other things, DynamoDB support. See the full release notes for the nitty-gritty. Feedback is actively being sought for the DynamoDB module, so please do open an issue on the tracker if you run into issues or ...

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Help improve Boto’s documentation

Saturday, January 21 2012

There has been a good deal of progress made towards getting boto’s documentation up to snuff. We’ve been working on cleaning up what is there, and have even added some new content (like the new DynamoDB tutorial). However, there is much left to be done.

We would greatly ...

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Boto and AWS, sitting in a tree

Wednesday, January 04 2012

On a post in the Amazon Web Services blog yesterday, AWS has announced that it has brought Mitch Garnaat (maintainer of the excellent Boto) on board:

[…] Building on this model, Mitch Garnaat has also joined the team. Mitch has been a member of the AWS community for over 6 years ...
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Why we ditched PayPal for Stripe

Thursday, December 08 2011

A recent backwards-incompatible change to the PayPal Adaptive API led to our web application being unable to accept new users for about five days a while back. We were getting a very vague "Session has expired" error, and PayPal support couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Nothing in that ...

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EVE Online grows up fast with Crucible

Wednesday, November 30 2011

I’ve been playing EVE Online since the summer of 2008, and have kept a close eye on the state of things from time to time. CCP releases a free "expansion" every six months with lots of goodies in them. The latest, Crucible, is the first that I can remember ...

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Bootstrap is fun stuff

Tuesday, November 29 2011

I recently re-vamped my site to use Twitter’s Bootstrap CSS. This ended up being pretty easy to switch to, and I had to tweak the styles very little. My designer sensibilities are pretty terrible, so stuff like this is a real treat. If you haven’t already, consider checking ...

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Sphinx and Design Documents

Monday, November 28 2011

As I’ve matured as an individual and a developer, I find that I like to spend longer and longer amounts of time in the planning phase before writing too much code. I’ll tinker with some of the technical problems I’m very concerned about, make sure my idea ...

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