python-bluefin 1.2 released, sans urllib2

Wednesday, September 19 2012

python-bluefin 1.2 has been released. python-bluefin is a very thin wrapper around the Bluefin payment gateway’s API. The two major changes are:

  • urllib2 has been removed, with the excellent requests taking its place.
  • We now check directmode’s status_code for known failure codes and raise exceptions based on ...
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Mountain Lion observations so far

Saturday, August 04 2012

As some of the software I use on my Macbook Pro now requires at least 10.7, I had to retire my trusty Snow Leopard a few weeks ago. After a few weeks of using Mountain Lion, I’ve got things mostly straightened out to where I’m productive again ...

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seacucumber 1.5 released

Monday, July 16 2012

seacucumber 1.5 was released, and is a pretty important (albeit minor) update to correct our unicode handling. The minimum boto version was raised to 2.3, so we can make use of the more specific SES exceptions seen in later releases.

Grab it from PyPi or pip/easy_install away.

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petfinder-api released

Monday, June 25 2012

tldr; I have released petfinder-api, a Python client to‘s web API. Important links: Documentation, source. petfinder-api is under the BSD License.

After months of waiting for things to settle down, Erin and I decided to spend the time to pick out our long-awaited second dog. Given that ...

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django-dynamodb-sessions 0.5 released

Tuesday, May 01 2012

I have released django-dynamodb-sessions 0.5 today, addressing an issue with session keys. All users of previous versions are encouraged to upgrade. Thanks goes to Adam Nelson for pointing this out.

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django-dynamodb-sessions 0.4 released

Thursday, April 26 2012

django-dynamodb-sessions 0.4 has been released. The only change made is to add Django 1.4 compatibility, courtesy of Adam Nelson. See the PyPi page for more details, and of course, follow the project on GitHub!

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Pathwright launches, powered by Snakes and Jazz

Tuesday, April 03 2012

After over two years of development, Pathwright has emerged from beta, and is open to the masses. For those with knowledge to share, we hope this web application will give you an easy-to-use, easy-on-the-eyes way to teach others. We provide a structured, social way for your students to learn.

See ...

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EVE Unified Uploader (market data) open sourced

Sunday, March 11 2012

The author of the EVE Marketeer Uploader has decided to open source the project, which is great news for the EVE community. It appears to have a large amount of traction, this move will guarantee its survival into the future, and allow other people to contribute to the project.

The ...

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More efficient market web APIs for EVE Online

Sunday, March 11 2012

There are a handful of market data sites (EVE-Central, Eve Marketeers, Eve Marketdata) out there now, each with their own developer APIs. All but EVE-Central are relatively new sites, and most seem to suffer from the occasional, or permanent, sluggishness. It doesn’t appear to be for lack ...

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Switched to Disqus

Thursday, March 01 2012

Up until today, I have been an IntenseDebate user for the last two years. I even wrote a blog post about why I chose IntenseDebate over Disqus back in 2010. However, the scene has changed quite a bit since then, leading me to re-evaluate my comment system.

The primary reason ...

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