Snow Leopard 10.6.0 client DNS problems

Wednesday, September 09 2009

It would appear that Snow Leopard 10.6.0 has an issue with client-side DNS resolution. Symptoms include erratic resolution of domain names from local network DNS servers for any command or application using gethostbyname(). However, using the host or nslookup commands resolve things correctly.

The current best resource for ...

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Python 2.6 on MacPorts is fixed

Tuesday, September 08 2009

As the title suggests, Python 2.6 may now be compiled without problem via MacPorts on Snow Leopard. The issue was fixed early in the weekend. Onward!

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EVE Online on Snow Leopard

Monday, September 07 2009

After a few hours of play, it seems like EVE on Snow Leopard brings a noticeable improvement on several fronts. First and foremost, there is a definite increase in framerate and performance with multiple clients open. I can not quantify this scientifically (or am too lazy to do so).

One ...

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Fun with MDSChannelPeerCreate errors on Mac OS X Server

Friday, September 04 2009

We started experiencing AFP problems and general instability on one of our Mac OS X servers today. AFP locked up and sucked a lot of resources, caused some bogus error messages in the logs. Kept getting this in particular:

AppleFileServer[4806] MDSChannelPeerCreate: (os/kern) invalid argument

It looks like this ...

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MacPorts Python 2.6 + Snow Leopard

Thursday, September 03 2009

I just thought I’d provide a friendly heads up to the Django and Python communities that the Python 2.6 distributed with MacPorts does not compile on Snow Leopard as of now. This issue is outlined on MacPorts ticket #20284.

There are some really hacky work-arounds, but they are ...

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django-eve-proxy 0.1 Released

Monday, March 23 2009

I am pleased to announce the release of django-eve-proxy 0.1. This is a simple proxy/cache app for Django that you may drop in to assist in accessing the API through your Python modules, or with a entry, via HTTP.

Although young, django-eve-proxy should be fully functional ...

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Django + EVE Online

Wednesday, February 11 2009

For the use of fellow Djangonauts out there, I introspected and fixed up CCP’s SQL dump of EVE Online data. This means you can now get access to everything from the comforts of the Django ORM.

The project is still very new, and I’m not even sure it ...

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Finally up to Date

Monday, November 24 2008

I finally bit the bullet and went through the necessary leg work to get the site upgraded to the latest Django trunk. The fun included adding the new admin stuff and figuring out the newly redesigned comments system.

If you notice anything odd, let me know and I’ll get ...

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Toshiba Tecra A4 on Ubuntu Ibex Alpha

Sunday, September 28 2008

I haven’t had enough time to really get some wear and tear testing in, but it looks like as of today, the latest Ubuntu Ibex Alpha release runs almost flawlessly on the Toshiba Tecra A4 (PTA40E). Wireless and the Wired NIC work without any kernel boot options, and performance ...

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Lack of an open X-Rite i1 (Eye-One) SDK

Friday, July 25 2008

After doing a lot of work with the X-Rite (formerly Gretagmacbeth) i1 (Eye-One) Pro SDK, I’ve started running into strange little quirks with their close-sourced libraries. The documentation is decent, but severely lacking in crucial areas such as code examples. Several of the functions are vaguely defined with no ...

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