First impressions: Android Appstore

Tuesday, March 22 2011

I took a moment to give Amazon’s new Appstore a quick run-through today, and thought I’d mind dump a few assorted thoughts.

Competition is a good thing

One of the worse thing about monopolies is the lack of motivation to change, adapt, and listen to the needs of ...

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Evennia gets Southy

Monday, March 21 2011

The Django-based Evennia MUD Server took another great step forward today in adding support for the excellent South migration app. This should knock down another barrier for those considering beginning development on their own games. The kinds of schema changes from this point forward should be fully covered by the ...

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Removing some dust

Sunday, March 20 2011

After sufficient embarrassment, I have finally forced myself to update the site. In addition to a visual overhaul, I’ve updated the codebase to use Django 1.3, and brought in a lot of the pieces of our stack we use at DUO Interactive.

I’ve also made the updated ...

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Django + Postgres 9 experiences?

Thursday, November 04 2010

Postgres 9 has been out for a while, tempting me with some what appear to be great improvements. I’ve been considering using it for a Django project, but wasn’t sure if there’d be much improvement from the 8.4 currently packaged with the Ubuntu Server 10.10 ...

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Django work available

Tuesday, June 29 2010

A quick tip for anyone with time to spare: The company I work for, DUO Interactive, LLC, is in need of some extra Djangonauts for some small to mid-sized projects. The work is payable on an hourly basis, and can scale up or down based on availability. Most of the ...

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django-eve-db is Ready to Roll

Tuesday, April 06 2010

While by no means at all ready to be deemed "mature", django-eve-db is now at a state that I feel fine about announcing its presence to the wider Python/Django community.

django-eve-db is a set of Django models that wrap CCP’s EVE Online data dump. This makes it extremely ...

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python-colormath 1.0.6 Released

Tuesday, March 23 2010

Thanks to liushie, a math domain error was caught in the CIE1994 and CMC color difference methods. This only manifested itself for certain CIELab values, and went unnoticed as a result of this. The problems have been corrected and released as 1.0.6.

Please see the project page for ...

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Django for EVE Online Development

Thursday, February 18 2010

For anyone who plays EVE Online, I have a proposition for you. Myself and a few nerdy corpmates have been working on the django-eve projects, which are a collection of Django apps for EVE Online. We’re looking at trying to get more people involved with the project, whether it ...

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Django + Disqus or Intense Debate… Fight!

Wednesday, February 17 2010

Update (3/4/2012): Since this article was posted in early 2010, Disqus has continued to improve. IntenseDebate has made some progress, but hasn’t been able to keep up with Disqus as far as continued development goes. As of this week, `I have switched to Disqus`_. This article ...

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PIL + TIFF = Fun

Wednesday, January 20 2010

We had to do some things at work using TIFF files with software that relied on the presence of certain TIFF Tags. We’re slowly phasing out some legacy C applications with Python equivalents, and decided to use Python Imaging Library for the task.

Everything worked brilliantly, aside from the ...

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